The Burn The Jukebox Collective are a not-for-profit, DIY organisation who have put on a variety of gigs, clubnights and DJ sets across London, Birmingham and York. We hope to provide a platform for fans of eclectic and alternative music in a non-commercial context. We have an open membership (anyone can take part!) and this website will hopefully provide a platform to let you know about any upcoming meetings/events/happenings/etc.

This page is currently under construction, but if you’d like to, please get in touch.


What is DIY?

Not just for hammerers, DIY is a long-regarded approach to music appreciation and promotion, in keeping with the true spark, creativity and happiness which can result from the making and listening to really good music. Firstly, we arrange everything ourselves – venues, DJs, bands, promotion etc. And we have fun doing it, consulting with one another and helping everyone out. Secondly, we don’t do things for profit – all money made goes back into future gigs, equipment costs etc to keep it all running smoothly. For more information, see here.

Where did it start?

BTJ started at the University of York in 2003 as a bit of fun. We now live all around the country – hence BTJ London and BTJ Birmingham.

How can I get involved?

Send us an email or come along to one of the meetings listed on this website. They’ll usually be in pubs. Anyone at all can get involved regardless of age/gender/background/music taste. If you enjoy music, want to put on bands or meet similar people, definitely get in touch.


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