Track Review – Zomby – Natalia’s Song

Zomby’s debut 4AD release is pretty imminent, which marks probably the first time an artist has decided to fly the Hyperdub nest to explore riches elsewhere. After all, many of the roster will have had their own opportunities to move on, but, as an innovative and expansively cool indie label, who would want to leave?

Then again, against the conventions of genre, Zomby’s also mates with bands like Animal Collective, and Panda Bear was a guest on the really, really underwhelming Things Fall Apart which was the first cut from Dedication to be made public. So what of the second?

Natalia’s Song is miles better, exerting a broody, tight control which was a signature in earlier tracks such as Godzilla. However, gone are the sirens and tinny arpeggios. This is a bit of a slow climber, with the glitchy vocal struggling to break through large synth washes.

Assuming Zomby is trying to crack the US market, this song is almost idiosyncratically related to urban Britain. Which is weird, as Things Fall Apart was so aimed at a naive understanding of UK dance culture, and was just a bit rubbish really. This at least shows there’s some space worth watching anyway.



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2 responses to “Track Review – Zomby – Natalia’s Song

  1. Jim

    He might be mates with the band but he still can’t be arsed to hop on a train to play at their festival!

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