Gig Review: Spaghetti Tree Weekender (Saturday)

NOTE: This only refers to the Saturday event, sorry Dan Deacon fans!

The Bussey Building in Peckham is an impressive structure and is noted for, at one time, producing an excellent range of cricket bats. This weekend, it was home to Upset the Rhythm‘s ‘Spaghetti Tree’ weekender, so named after the BBC’s infamous 1957 prank.

Rushing over after a bit of a delay, we got to the building around 5, catching a warm reaction to Eternal Fags, an Ex-Models-y Glasgow 2-piece with a tonne of energy and some very unapologetic blast beats. Although sparsely populated in these early stages, the building was roasting and had a strange eerie nature due to the sun trying its best to peep through the blacked-out decor.

Next up was Belgian blues guitarist Ignatz, who provided an interesting combination of loops, distorted lead guitar and accentuated vocals. The guitar playing itself was impressive and the use of loops and a multitude of ideas occasionally came to an interesting crescendo, although, as can be often be the case with this sort of thing, they did occasionally become unhinged and get lost within the sound.

Taking a break, we came back in to find Peepholes, a London-based 2 piece who seem to have inherited Broadcast’s penchant for hypnotic synth lines, albeit with less of a pop-sensibility, often occasionally lurching into drone. The results were very promising, and although songs did have a tendency to overrun, they were well-structured and effective.

Fellow Londoners PLEASE, on the other hand, couldn’t get enough ideas into their set, as they frantically moved through riff after riff, sounding a bit like Fantomas trying their hand at 1980s British indie rock, or Trail Of Dead going off on one.  With half the crowd rushing downstairs, LAites Japanther then tore through a steaming, mosh-pitted set with a well-meaning and fun quirkiness.

Ducktails were one of the main pulls of the day for us, and Matt Mondanile delivered a strong set full of reverb, loops and 60s lovelorn howling. A massive contrast to the previous acts, some sound issues clouded this from being as effective as it could have been, but it provided a lovely twist against the rest of the day’s fuzzy, frentic guitars.

We returned to (a safe distance from) the mosh pit for NO AGE, who provided a stonking, ripping set demonstrating their strength for both hooks and intricate guitar playing/electronics. A cover of Black Flag’s Six Pack added to this, and topped off an extremely interesting and exciting day, with a fantastic atmosphere. Oh yeah and there WERE spaghetti trees. Yet, disappointingly, they turned out to be string.


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