Track Review – Daedelus – Tailor Made

Will-try-a-little-bit-of-everything-er Alfred Darlington/Daedelus will release new album Bespoke on Ninja Tune in April, with single Tailor Made preceding it. For such a talented producer/musician, Daedelus has always seemed on the outside or on the cusp of something big. He’s released on the most innovative and impressive labels of recent times (Brainfeeder, Warp, Stones Throw, Soul Jazz, Big Dada to name a few), as well as collaborating with the likes of MF Doom, FlyLo and Busdriver, but there’s always been some lack of a key standout point in his career so far.

If Tailor Made is anything to go by, Bespoke could change all this. This sounds exactly like Darlington finding a niche, with a woozy disco beat and some exhuberant neo-soul washes, mixed with some awesomely tight glitchy goodness. The pace is impressively maintained and chugs along with a good summery feel. I imagine after a few listens, the European-sounding vocal samples could be a bit irritating, but Milosh’s warblings (sometimes barely audible) made a good counter balance for this, and add to the overall fun and playful atmosphere. This is definitely original, and generally pretty exciting too.


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