Track Review: Flying Lotus – Caravan of Delight

That pesky FlyLo. One minute he’s a groove-heavy hip hop king paying tribute to J Dilla, the next he’s courting the wonky crowd, the next he’s releasing Cosmogramma, possibly one of the most important Warp/IDM releases since Richard D. James or Music has the Right to Children. But it’s not as if he simply changes his mode, he carries these three personae around Frankenstein-like, his music blending each face together and blurring the definitions.

Snippet Caravan of Delight on the Ed Banger: Let the Children Techno mix is the perfect demonstration of this. Firstly, it fits somewhat into place on an album filled with mostly UK-based cool-kids-in-cardigans-approved ‘electro’, such as Mr Oizo, Skream, Busy P and DJ Mehdi. That’s pretty bizarre in itself. But the track is wonderful, with a lovely, generous piano roll than battles against a furtive, odd clicking beat and eventually wins in gradual flowery bursts. Shades of flutes, violins and shaky percussion add to the distorted, yet strangely comforting feeling generated here, as FlyLo demonstrates a perfect definition of how he mixes his multiple personalities to the best effect, whilst also cheekily letting people know that he’s not slowing down at all.


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