Track Review: Battles – Ice Cream

Mirrored was a bit of a strange album wasn’t it? Perfectly formed and genre-mashing, it still missed some kind of soul or likeability to make it truly stand out in the memory (other than in car adverts). One member down after frontman Tyondi Braxton quit earlier this year, Battles’ first teaser from Gloss Drop actually surprises in giving something with more honesty and, most importantly, fun, than anything on their previous effort.

Ice Cream mostly builds up on a mangled, tapped guitar riff, yet maintains a great slackness throughout, flowing along completely seamlessly. As it says on the tin really, it’s summery post-post-hardcore, the riff remiscent of Cap’n Jazz or Eggs and guest Matias Aguayo compliments this perfectly with a slurpy echoed vocal. Ian Richardson showed in Don Caballero what a good guitarist he is, but previously has been slightly anonymous within his new band. It’s a bit like he learned from Sleigh Bells that over-the-top guitar histronics can actually work with an electronic soundscape, and its definitely for the better.


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